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The market for aircraft and engines is highly dynamic and expanding like never before. In this ever changing landscape Aces Aviation is a fixed point of reference for advice, support, finance and management expertise.

It has been forecast* that, between 2015 and 2024, a total of 9,450 new business jet deliveries, with a projected value of around $280 billion, will be made globally. Compared to 2013, this represents an 8 per cent increase in annual sales value - well outstripping the average economic growth rate of the western economies.

But the aviation industry is not just growing it's changing. Once seen as the preserve of movie stars and billionaires, private jets are increasingly being used by business passengers. Time is money it seems and business travellers are looking for new ways to by-pass the schedules to cut down travelling time.

Add to this mix the new demand and opportunities that are coming from the developing countries, then it is clear to see that anyone entering, or trying to navigate the aircraft and engine market is likely to face some challenges ahead.

Whether the challenge is finding equipment, finding a buyer, finding finance, or project managing a change in ownership, Aces Aviation can provide commercial, technical and management expertise to reduce the challenge and ease the way ahead.

Not every ride needs to be a bumpy one, with Aces Aviation you can fly above the weather and expect a smooth landing at the end of the journey.

Aircraft Purchase & Sales

We deal with the purchasing and sales of airliner-type aircraft, spare parts and engines worldwide.

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Leasing & Finance

A part of Aces Aviation is Leasing Aeroplane parts, Engines as well as whole Aeroplanes.

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Aviation Consultancy

Aces Aviation are experts and can provide exellent insight when consulting.

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*23rd Annual Business Aviation Outlook - Honeywell Aerospace