Purchasing and Sales

As time goes by the complex world of aviation continues to become ever more complex.

There are more aircraft in the sky than ever before and the growth in economic strength of developing nations in recent years has expanded signifcantly the used aircraft and engine market.

For both buyers and sellers alike, finding a cost effective channel, or market place that suits their exact needs at the time at which they want to buy, or sell, is a challenge to say the least.

This is where employing the specialist services of Aces Aviation can really pay dividends.

Whether you are a seller looking for a buyer, or a buyer looking to buy particular aircraft, or engine, Aces Aviation can support you in finding the right solution, quickly and efficiently.

Our unique market intelligence database developed over more than 30 years allows us to quickly establish buying opportunities - even when the machines in question are not on the open market.

Commercial Knowledge

Our service and support does not end at the point of sale. We support both buyer and seller alike through the purchasing process to make the transaction happen. With extensive knowledge of international import and export rules, plus regulations and international tax law, Aces Aviation can provide information, advice and support for most problems - before they occur.

Being forewarned, is forearmed and having detailed knowledge of all of the commercial pitfalls at the start of the change in ownership not only reduces cost, it can significantly speed up the transaction.

Technical Support and Project Management

No matter how you look at it the purchase and sale of aircraft is fraught with technical difficulties. The buyer will always want to buy a machine in the best possible condition for the lowest price and the seller will often be in position where a machine has to be sold that is not fully airworthy, or serviceable.

Aces Aviation provides technical assessments as part of our purchasing and sales support to provide a detailed appraisal to both buyer and seller of all of the technical hurdles that will have to be overcome to make the sale happen. It is invetitable that this information often feeds back into a final sales price negotiation, but the independent presence of Aces Aviation makes that negotiation process so much smoother and speedier.

Beyond the initial appraisal, Aces Avaitaion can provide technical resource to undertake any remedial technical work and project manage everything through to a solution that will satisfy all parties involved. This includes any legal certification work that needs to be undertaken locally and also for the purposes of final, or transitory, destinations.

Trusted Transactions

Most of our purchasing and sales work is international and almost all transactions are between parties competely unknown to each other. It is unsurprising then that trust is a critical part of the transaction when transferring large amounts of money annd expensive machinery across borders.

To assist with this and make the problem manageable, Aces Aviation offers an escrow service to ensure trust can quickly be established so there is nothing to hold up the technical and commercial work.

If you would like to know more about how our aircraft or engine purchasing and sales services can support your business, or project, why not get in touch now for a no obligation initial discussion.